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How can Stratefit work for me?


Data, structure and tools. These are the three requirements for successful analytics. On typical projects, I identify the data needed, define the structure needed to address the business questions, work with the IT team to source and build the analytic data set, then deploy the tools to explore, analyze and deliver results to business managers .


My goal is to leave your team informed and capable not dependent on an outside consultant. On every project, I commit to follow up training and support to ensure staff understand and can use the analytic tools at their disposal.


Analysis and Planning is a team sport. I have developed an innovative, hands-on “War room” planning process, perfected through over 100 sessions, which engages operations management in the planning process using methods that suit their needs and styles. The resulting strategies and action plans are relevant, realistic and practical because they are developed through collaboration with the managers who will execute them.

What can I do for you?

Contact:   Kathy Williams Chiang

E-mail:        [email protected]

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